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Important Notification for Applicants of Chinese Visa


1. Application address and Contact details:

A. All ordinary visa (including China Hong Kong and Macao) applicants are requested to apply advance at China Visa Service Center Karachi and submit your application. Address are given below

          a. Office Address:

            9F Bahria Complex IV, Main Chuadhary Khaliq Uz-Zaman Road, Gizri, Clifton

          b. Office Hours:

            Monday to Friday (Excluding Public Holidays of Government of China and Pakistan)

            Documents submission time: 9:00-15:00(Interview and urgent documents are entertained before 13:30.

            Collection Timing 9:00 to 16:00

          c. Contact Information:

             I. Helpline:

              Ø Manual answer: 021-3515 5247/48(working days 9:00 to 17:00 Urdu and English)

              Ø Voice Recording: (IVR) 051-4839385 (Urdu and English)

             II. Web Site: http://www.visaforchina.org

             III. Email Address: islamabadcenterforchina@gerrys.com.pk

B. Diplomatic and official passport holders (Blue Passports) also need to go to Karachi visa service center, visa center receives applications materials and examine the documentations and send proceed it. All service charges are exempted.

2. Giving Finger Prints are mandatory:

    According to the relevant laws and regulation of People's Republic of China, the Consulate General of China in Karachi has asked the service center that from 15th May,2019 onward to take all 10 finger prints of all Pakistani visa  applicants. Expect below cases, they are exempted:

A. Applicants of age under 14 and 70 above

B. Applicants who meet the requirements of the ministry of foreign affairs of China for diplomacy, official and courtesy visas (except those with reciprocal needs)

C. Applicants who have obtained biometric visas in the same passport within 5 years (Note: There should be Photo graphs on the sticker) and have taken finger prints before)

D. In case, all 10 fingers are incomplete or none of the ten fingerprints can be retained. (Please Note: all applicants must personally take fingerprints from the visa center, in case of fake or wrong fingerprints may lead him/her to cancellation of the visa and all related undesirable results is bear by themselves.

3. Filling online form and the appointment in advance is mandatory:

A. From May 15, 2019 all applicants are required to take appointment with logging on at Chinese visa Services website (www.visaforchina.org) Fill visa service online from and apply for the appointment.

B. The applicants with diplomatic or official passports (Blue passports) also need to fill online application form (no need to take appointment online) and directly submit it to the staff at Visa Service Center. Visa Service Center will proceed it for further action.
C. The applicants must carefully complete the online application form. If there are errors in name, nationality, passport number, Gender, date of birth photo etc. The applicant is required to fill it again with the new form. Otherwise the application will be rejected.

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