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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on US Official's Wrong Remarks Regarding Xinjiang

Q: According to reports, on September 22, after meeting with Central Asian foreign ministers, a senior official of the US Department of State said that China's repressive campaign in Xinjiang is not about terrorism, but about China's "attempt to erase its own citizens' Muslim faith and culture". Besides, the US will raise concerns about the human rights crisis in Xinjiang.

A: The certain US official's remarks are pure slanders in total disregard of facts.

For almost two decades, violent terrorism wreaked havoc in Xinjiang. At its worst, there was an attack every day on average. Innocent lives were lost, including people from the Uighur ethnic group. Since a series of preventive counter-terrorism and de-radicalization measures were taken, such as the development of vocational education and training centers, Xinjiang has not seen a single violent terrorist attack in three consecutive years. The right to subsistence and development of nearly 25 million residents of all ethnic groups in the region has been most effectively guaranteed. These measures have also gained endorsement and support from people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. These are plain facts that cannot be denied. All foreign visitors to this region recognized and spoke positively about them.

We urge the relevant US official to face facts honestly with basic objectivity and impartiality, not to apply double standard on counter-terrorism, and not to make groundless accusations against China under this pretext.

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